securely collect, store and share highly sensitive information

What it is:

Personal’s unique user-centric data vault allows you to make your customers the secure hub for their own data so they can have a 1-touch or 1-click experience across all of your forms – and automatically capture any new information they create. You can share data with your customers and enable all of your forms to work with Fill It by following  the implementation guidelines. 

Who can use it:

Developers can sign up for a free developer account via Mashery and build a test implementation using our sandbox environment. For information on how to migrate a sandbox integration to the Personal production environment, please see the "Going Live" section below. Personal requires that your implementation be build and fully tested before you may go live. 


By offering your customers a data vault with our technology for 1-touch form filling, transactions and identity management, you can:

  • increase conversions
  • drive new revenues
  • reduce costs
  • streamline customer interactions
  • have permission-based access to more accurate and valuable user data
  • and delight your users with more personalized products and services

Going Live:

Once you have built a test implementation using our sandbox environment and are ready to go live, you can apply via Mashery. Requests for Personal production keys are subject to review and approval by Personal.

For more information, or if you have specific questions, please contact us at or review the forum. 

By applying for and receiving an API key, you agree to Personal's Developer Terms of Use. Review the Personal API Brand Guidelines for the "Powered by Personal" logo, which must be displayed according to our guidelines.