Personal API Brand Guidelines and Logos

We've created brand guidelines that will enable you to get credit for what you have made, while clearly conveying that the application that you have created is powered by Personal. Our intent is not to confuse consumers about who is responsible for the app, website or widget they're using. Please review the guidelines below for full details.


Branding Requirements

  • Personal cannot be the first word in the application name. It can be used in the naming of the app as “x for Personal” or “x with Personal” etc. This makes it clear that the application or website is not from Personal.
  • All applications, website and widgets built on the Personal API must display our API logo.
  • The Personal API logo should be clearly visible and not altered or covered up in any way.
  • The Personal API logo should not be the most prominent element or logo on the website or app, nor the only branding on the page. 
  • Do not use the logo to imply that Personal is responsible for or endorses your content, design or language.


Primary API Logo

To provide Personal Owners with the most consistent, optimal experience, please use the approved electronic files only when including the logo in your design layout.

Two Color API Logo (this is our primary mark)


Reverse API Logo (for dark websites)


Minimum Size

The primary API logo must not be used smaller than 110 pixels in width. There must be at least 10 pixels of padding on each side of the logo.


Required Attribution

All applications must feature the Personal API logo on any page or screen where the Personal API has a presence and next to where the implementation appears in the UI. The API logo must link to


Improper Logo Usage

Do not recreate the Personal API logo or alter the configuration, type style or relative proportions.

  • Don’t stretch or distort
  • Don’t alter colors
  • Don’t change the type font
  • Don’t rearrange the layout
  • Don’t omit elements
  • Don’t add visual elements