How do I get access to the Personal API?

 Register for a Mashery accountsign in and apply for a Personal API key. You can view your Key by clicking the "My Account" button in the top right of the page. Get to start on your app today! When you are ready to go live, contact us.


How do I get my application promoted by Personal?

If you use the Personal API to build something great, we will help you share it with the world. Our team chooses apps to feature to users on Personal.com and our blog.


Do I have to pay for access to the Personal API? Can I make money by using the Personal API?

The Personal API is free for developers until 5,000 calls a day, at which point we can discuss a payment plan. When you launch an app, you are welcome to charge users for your app.


How do I contact the Personal API team?

If you need support, want to report bugs, request features or just talk, you can use our Forum or email the Personal API team at dev@personal.com