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OAuth Flow Bug

    • iCoder
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    As per the documentation provided I'm calling the Autherization API from sandbox version with valid API KEY and SHARED SECRET , there I have been redirected to User credential screen to login with E-Mail ID and password but after entering the credential I'm not being redirtected to my URL page rmains there on the USER Login page please explain

    If this is not the flow then how would I access the Request Token in order to get Access tokenas as per OAuth 2.0 teminology

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  1. Alex Levin4 years ago

    Are you using a user account created at on the user credential screen? You should not use the mashery username/pass or the production Personal username/pass.

    Then you will be directed to a permissions page, and after you turn some permissions on and grant them, you will be redirected to the URL you designated.

  2. iCoder4 years ago

    Hay Alex thanks for the reply , actually I was doing a mistake , was using the mashery username/pass for the task.

    Any ways I'll use the credential flow as per the URL suggested by you .. !

    Thanks once again ..


  3. iCoder4 years ago

    Now I'm getting the following error response even though I'm passing valid code to the OAuth request flow through APIs

    {"error":"server_error","error_description":"Verification code expired"}

    Pls explian why this .... Am I doing something wrong ????

  4. iCoder4 years ago

    The above error is occured when I'm requesting the ACCESS TOKEN after successfully retrieving the Autherization code in first request...

  5. iCoder4 years ago

    Can anybody please reply to my queries above .. I'm stuck !!!!!

  6. koshi4 years ago

    Hi iCoder,

    Verification code expiry time is 10 seconds. So this more or less means that you need to keep authorization process under 10 seconds. Is this the case?

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