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    • Hrishi
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    I am using the API Explorer to create an account.

    There are 2 types of keys in my account 1. Personal Sandbox - Direct Authentication(I don't have Shared Secret for these keys) 2. Personal Sandbox (I have Shared Secret for them)

    Steps followed :

    1. I use the API Key and Shared key of the Personal Sandbox type.

    2. Fill in the Scope field and generate the Access Token.

    3. I use the POST method with the following Post body

    { "account": { "email": "", "password": "santosh123" } }

    I get the below JSON error.

    Error 403

    { "error_type": "error", "error_code": "30", "error": "unauthorized_client", "error_description": "Consumer 7bdp3h6p2zpd9ufqb8wahvbu has no permission to perform api/v2/accounts/create action" }

    Could you please guide me in solving this account creation issue.

    Message edited by Hrishi 4 years ago

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